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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 28, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. some of you may be waking up to light showers, and we had a bit of rain overnight, and we will tell you what this means, coming up. we will tell you where the california students stack up compared to the country when we tell you about test scores for reading and math. good morning and welcome to the morning. here's a live look at san francisco. we had a little bit of rain overnight at the extreme north day, but nothing to speak of. a pretty picture, and it is heaven a.m.
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on this wednesday morning, october 28. and you told us not to expect too much.>> when it is a rain year, you can say rain, but when it is dry for two or three years, you don't make it. there was a little bit of rain, but for most of us, not a drop. i am disappointed, but not surprised. we could get some isolated raindrops, and we did pick up .04. san jose .01, but mill valley did not have anything. yorkville low, -- pretty much not much. not a drop here napa valley. we had a full moon yesterday, and we have a pretty aspect
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from the planetary aspect. we could get an isolated shower, but it looks like for most of us, this is done. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, and it will stay on the cooler side. we will get a cooler air mass, isolate showers, and 60s and 70s. and did you guys talk to one another about what to wear this morning?>> we both have on red ties, and that is a standard uniform for a lot of guys.>> i'm glad we met. good morning everybody. let's take a look at your morning commute, taking a look at the drive, you have a 20 minute delay driving down from
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san jose. we are looking at slow traffic here and north down 101. 85 is getting used as well. we're looking at southbound 680, slow from 242 and 80 is slow in richmond. there is a big back up at the richmond bridge toll plaza if you're trying to go into marine county. the bay bridge toll plaza is normal with a 25 minute delay. it is 7:03 am. certainly disappointing since we hope we would get a measurable rainfall. where the morning commute is happening.>> reporter: there are a lot of disappointed folks of., and they are all asking when is the where rain coming. and looks like we have missed hours shot and it is sold out. -- his old -- fizzled out.
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the roads were somewhat wet and parts of the bay area, and scattered showers in a few spots, but not a lot to speak of. we are all anxiously awaiting a strong el nino at some point this year. there are some predictions of powerful rainstorms in our area, prompting many homeowners to take care of repair work they have put off due to the long drought. a lot of folks are repairing leaky roofs, and the contractors we are told are in high demand. one local company saw a 100% increase in business compared to last year. other contractors have a long waiting list, a couple of months long. they will welcome any rain they can get in the bay area. they say the real key to
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overcoming the drought is the snow in the sierras.>> we want rain, but the most important thing we need is the snowmelt. be drought is not over until the reservoirs are full, and they are less than half full.>> reporter: as far as the impending el nino projections from the national oceanic atmospheric administration, they suggest the bay area has a 50-50 shot of some area rainfall, and we will have to wait to see if that will materialize. we were expecting the storms to be coming through the bay area this morning, but that did not materialize as an a lot of us hoped they would. not a drop of rain. and some folks north saw a little bit of rain overnight. but everyone here is waiting for the rain, hoping that it may come, but it does not look good.>> you can receive your
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current weather conditions by downloading the ktvu weather app back -- investigating possible voter fraud coming out of chinatown. at least 25 elderly chinese voters had the ballots taken by two women that allegedly support the former supervisor who was wanting to supersede christiansen. they turned the information over to the boulder's office, and they must make sure everything is done aboveboard. the mission district will see a massive drop in the number of latinos, and families with kids, according to the new report by the budget analyst for the
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city. they asked for the report saying that is findings show why the voters should report and support in the next election. according to the report, if the current democratic trends continue as they are, the percentage of latinos in the mission district will drop from 48% to 31% by 2025. there will be a significant drop in households that are in 100 $100,000 a year. and a significant increase in the households earning more than $150,000 a year. families with children would drop from 21% to 11%. the critics say that what the city need is more housing, not less housing. the time now is 7:07 am, and california is getting a
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dismal report card and how our students are performing in the schools.>> reporter: just 29% of california students scored as proficient in reading and math, that puts us near the bottom of the scores in both subjects. the test is the national assessment of educational progress, the only standardized tests given across the u. s. it was taken earlier in the year by the fourth and eighth graders, and nationwide scores declined, and the average score for students in california remained about the same in 2015 as they did and 13, but 25% lower in the national average in both subjects. the performance gap between black, latino and white students stayed just the same as when students tested in 1998, for reading, but math did
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in -- increase a little. this goes when the change to the common core curriculum, and they are wondering if this is a good measurement since some were slow to rollout the new standards. your time is 7:09 am, and a south carolina sheriff's deputy could find out today whether he will be fired due to the violent confrontation with the high school student, and that video went viral. this shows the deputy knocking over a teenage girl that was hitting in the chair, and then the deputy drags her out of class. a student that was recording all of this said that the girl had her cell phone out and would not let the teacher take it away.>> i'm not the one being detained, but it was painful to watch. and this was all over a cell phone, because she would not
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give up her cell phone.>> the justice department is launching an investigation into what happened on this case. a campus brawl injured three school officials, including the principal. this was in the florin high school on monday and it was caught on video. the principal was trying to break up a fight between a group of kids, and one student picked up the principal and slammed him to the ground. the principal got up quickly and continued the efforts to break up a fight until the school resource officers stepped in to help out. three students were arrested on charges of battery, and the third student is accused of making threats toward other students and officers during the fight. the principal and other officials suffered minor injuries and no students were hurt. and a vigil for the
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six people killed in that balcony collapse. and what the officials would do an honor of them. a special ceremony and new bling. we are looking at the commute where the traffic is moving along pretty well on to 80 westbound, and we will tell you more, coming up. a lot of clouds but very little rain, and a little bit of rain far north, and we will take a look at that as well.
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welcome back, and i like standing here next to the championship trophy. a big night last night and the warriors received their
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championship rings and they opened the season with a win. look at this. 24 points in the first quarter, ending with 40 points. the warriors beat the norlin's pelicans 111-95. -- new orleans pelicans, 111-95. >> you cannot rush the process. it is nice to be 1-0 and able to celebrate as we head on the road.>> the warriors get a few days off before they play the houston rockets on friday in houston. >> the sellout crowd cheered as
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the 2014-15 championship banner was unfurled and the warriors came out to get their rings. this is a good look at the warriors championship ring. that is what it looks like. this picture was posted on twitter, and he wrote "it helped good to be back in oracle again tonight. can't even find the words to describe this." the president was watching the chicago bulls last night in their home opener against the cavaliers. he was there to attend democratic fundraisers and speak to the police chief, and a good night for the president's team. the chicago bulls beat the cavaliers, 97-95. the oracle founder is
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building a new high school campus next to the corporate headquarters of the company. it is called design tech high school, and it has been open for just opened one year, and it will be moving when the campus next oracle is completed. it will serve 550 student. facebook is slowing down the internet for its employees, they can opt to limit the internet connection to 2g, and a webpage can take more than two minutes to load. the idea behind this is to give the workers a sense of how slow the intranet is in developing countries where facebook is trying to expand. >> that is interesting. it is not that slow in the morning commute is it?>> in some places, it is.
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let's take a look at where they are trying to get on to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is some slow traffic coming in, but no major problems on that span. this is typical and people are kind of used to this. on 880 northbound, we have some slow traffic driving up on north round 880. -- northbound 880. this is slightly unusual to have this commute be so slow, and we will keep an eye on this. we're also looking at the commute on 80 westbound, and it has been slow, and you can sleep -- see this so traffic between an old and richmond. we have a lot of cloud cover, but very little rain, and a lot of traffic, and this
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system has already died on the vine. looking at something on the san mateo coast, but that was about it. our system, again, i will show you there was not much goal. looking at the rocking 40 ranch, and it is coming down hard, but it looks like that rain is done. the most rain i could find was up near, no, and mill valley had .02, mountain view .04, lakeport, .07, yorkville .04, all pretty sad. there was a little bit of rain around san jose, blossom hill,
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but not a lot. maybe a little around hidden valley let or sonoma county napa valley county, pedal loma it looks pretty weak, and any rain will not last long. a little line forming here, but that is about it. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, and this is favoring the areas of san francisco and south. there are some morning clouds, 60s and 70s. upper 60s to low 70s and there will be more sunshine during the afternoon with a few showers possible. not a lot. breezy and warmer on thursday, and halloween looks fine with no problems. daylight savings ends on sunday and it will be turning colder.>>
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so we will need a coat on monday. coming up, most children are getting ready for howling, but not the students that one new jersey school, complaints from the parents prompted the cancellation of the festivities. up next, the deadly earthquake in afghanistan and extreme conditions putting the lives of many of the survivors at risk.
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there are now nearly 400 confirmed dead from the earthquake that shook afghanistan and pakistan on monday and the number is six acted to rise. those that survived are now looking at exposure, rain and snow hitting this quake stricken zone. it is incredibly difficult to get the blankets and supplies to those that need them the most, and children are at the greatest risk of dying from the cold. there have been at least nine small quakes midnight, and this in san leroux mom -- san ramon, and most of them have been small. the people we spoke with that san ramon said they are going about their lives as normal.
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some are reacting nervously to the quakes, and they say that all of the shaking going on is likely just letting off of teaching, and they say this will continue for several more weeks. the san francisco arson investigator says he is considering a lawsuit against the fire department. he claims he was demoted from the arson unit because he publicly connected the shortage of investigators to hundreds of backlogged cases, calling it retaliation. the department says the move was part of an ordinary realignment of the arson unit. the time now is 724. talking about the world series, the royals the the met in game one. -- beat the mets in game one. there was confusion in the
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outfield. the player overran the ball, and the first home run within the park in years. the game went to the 14th inning and escobar scored the winning run. the royals win game one of the world series, 5-4. there were technical problems that interrupted the game, and fox is apologizing. the primary and backup generators lost power in the fourth inning, seven minute delay due to the power failure, which meant they lost replay capabilities, and the audience missed one at-bat while the network switch the network need. fox broadcast came back in the next inning, and fox sports says they are working to make sure that the rest of the world
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series is broadcast without problems. game two tonight in kansas city, and you can see it right here on ktvu channel to an hour coverage will begin at or 30 p.m. or 30 p.m. getting ready to face off, the republican candidates are getting ready in colorado. live in berkeley and hours from now the president will honor those killed here in berkeley months ago and more coming up. we're looking at your commute, and traffic is looking okay, but a little bit slow as it normally is, but no major problems along this stretch. for most it was a dry front, and that was our fear that it would not do much. we will see about the rest of the week coming up. ♪
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[ music playing ] and we can see clearly now because not only is the rain gone in san francisco, but it never really got here. we did get rain in the extreme
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north bay outside of the bay area. today we are looking for rain, but not finding much. still a gorgeous wednesday coming up and it is 7:30 am on this wednesday, october 28.>> it is so close, it is like waiting for a sneeze. there is some up to the north, but plenty of breaks already on the backside of this front. it looks like it is ready to get through, and the sunshine is already peeking through, and the rain was absolutely nonexistent. taking a look at some of the totals, to the north it was pretty quiet, and here we are to take a look. you have to tell me where you are, but the donkeys are damp here in san juan. i cannot guess all of the time, but not a lot here.
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this is willie down in morgan hill, .01, pretty pathetic. morgan hill's said the same thing. .01 is next to nothing. a little bit and lake county, but not alike. we are just about done, and the could've been just a little bit at petaluma, but not much. 50s, and one little line by san francisco south, the san mateo, but not much. holding onto the 60s and into the 70s. what do you have for us, south? -- sal? so far not too bad on the drive between the
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cartoonist bridge and you can see this 44 minute drive time, and most of the slow traffic is in the richmond area. this map shows slow traffic heading to the richmond and the san rafael bridge toll plaza. we had a couple of minor crashes on 580, and westbound 580 is slow from livermore into dublin. focusing in on the freeway, somebody tweeted me that i'm 238 two southern fremont it is slow. 7:32 am and back to the desk. the president of ireland will honor the lives of the six irish students that were killed in the balcony collapse at berkeley a few months ago. and brian is there in
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berkeley.>> reporter: a couple of ceremonies are planned for later today. this is at kittredge and berkeley, and behind the is where this tragedy took place. it has been four months, but it remains fresh in the minds of many people. the balcony at the garden complex collapsed, and many of these victims were here on a visa exchange program. and there is a boat on the proposed changes of the cities housing codes and inspection processes, but reportedly the boat was pushed back until next month. as for the irish president, michael higgins, he will continue to visit here in the bay area. he lectured about the global climate hunger and poverty at the tesla campus.
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he will speak to the responders that were there at the balcony collapse, and then he will be there at the martin luther king civic center. they are planning on planting trees for that memorial, and they are native to ireland and california. there are a couple of ceremonies planned for later today. one will be at the martin luther king junior senior civic center, and he will also make a stop in sacramento before to heading back to ireland. your time now is 7:34 am. a student accused of giving xanax pills the fellow students, and several of the students became ill after taking the pills, five were hospitalized. a 17-year-old student was arrested yesterday and booked at the juvenile hall.
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police are at the scene of a shooting at the almaden apartments, and here are some live pictures near willow glen way and the police are saying they do not know much about the victim at this point. they say they believe the person that was shot was severely injured, and we're not clear exactly when this shooting happened. the call came into 911 about 6 am this morning. we have ktvu on scene and they will bring us more information during the 8 o'clock hour. a new front runner emerging in the latest polls.>> tell us about this debate. >> reporter: for the first time, donald trump is not the front rudder heading into the -- front runner heading into the gop debate. ben carson is a leading donald
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trump 26%-22%. donald trump was in iowa yesterday at a campaign event, and egg knowledge the shift, but jokingly called out the voters for his drop in the polls. >> i was number one, and until iowa come along i led every poll, and in iowa, what they heck are you people doing to me?>> reporter: this may be a make or break for those candidates that are struggling. jeb bush and marco rubio are both in the single-digit.>> i am not paying attention to the noise, i'm focused on the campaign. this election is a choice for our country about where we will be.>> reporter: they say jobs, taxes and the general health of the economy, and the
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anticipation of the request that it be limited to a two hour time frame.>> i think they are happening opening statements and closing statements, so the time is shrinking for the actual initiatives. >> and will the field to be whittled down after tonight? stay right here for ktvu for complete coverage and we will bring you the high rights -- highlights an analysis. and the senator pleading guilty for lying to the fbi about illegal bank withdrawals to pay people off to keep the sexual conduct allegations under wraps. he led the house for eight years before he retired in 2007. under the plea deal, he will
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likely receive a six month prison sentence, but could get up to five years. house republicans are hoping to calm the ladies -- latest, and john boehner is still the speaker of the house, and there is a both -- vote on a bipartisan plan, divided equally between defense items and nondefense items and it is tied to raising the debt ceiling. they are split on this proposal. the city council meeting last night was this rough. you can hear the people chanting during the public comments, and two women were arrested. the council members left their seats, and one woman was seen
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trying to hit a police officer. once things calm down, other people spoke out to voice their opinions.>> visit both on the minimum wage raposo, and this is not enough. >> we felt that we had to do something, and whatever that something was is a first good step.>> they were voting to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 an hour like 2020. still holding out hope that he may be alive, one man died when the 20 foot fishing boat capsized, and he is from roseville. he leaves behind a wife and eight children. another man managed to swim ashore and was found on rocks. he said that they all started swimming after the boat capsized.>> they tried to grab and hold on to the like this, but the water was whipping
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everything out of their hands. >> they spent the day looking for the missing survivor, and the family says that he is a long-distance runner and good swimmer, and they believe he could have survived. a move by school in italy that could be seen as extreme, banning the high heels due to earthquakes. why officials say they had to make the decision. and you sought in movies, and numb chucks are making it a comeback in real life. not looking too bad, but it is slow as they tried to get up the highway and we will tell you where. not a lot of rain but a little bit of cloud cover. we will let you know if there's anything on the way. maybe a little bit.
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welcome back, and it is 7:43 am. the san jose police are looking for two men, take a look at these photos. here's a picture of the suspects and they drove all -- drove off last week. one suspect rain the doorbell, and when no one answered, he goes to the backyard and into the garage. a second suspect arrives, and they walk out of the home carrying a bag. the homeowner came home, fought with one suspect in was shot in the shoulder, but the injuries not life threatening.
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you can see these pictures, and if you have any information, call the san jose police. the last remaining gun store is closing its door after 63 years in business. this is the highbridge arms and he does not want to deal with the latest city regulations. it would require that all transactions be videotaped, and that gun stores report all ammunition sales to the police a electronically.>> you take it, send it down to the police department and when they haven't done anything wrong, it does not sit well with me. >> if the last gun store wants to close, so be it. i would much rather have a preschool, senior center or coffee shop in the neighborhood than a gun store.>> they say this legislation is in response to them recent shootings.
7:45 am
the california city of anderson is being equipped with an old martial arts weapon made famous by the bruce lee movies, they are getting nunchucks. nunchucks are a multipurpose weapon and you can use them as a more compassionate way to get compliance from suspects, and the police say it will help them to take people down if necessary. they can also use it to block someone's hand, elbow or ankle.>> these were designed with a different goal in mind, to be more of a control weapon. we could use them as an impact weapon, but we tried to emphasize a control tool over impact.>> nunchucks are ill legal to own in the state of california, but police can be certified to use them. the police in anderson will take three days training. the safety groups are reminding the adults and children to be extra careful on
7:46 am
the streets during halloween, and they are more likely by four times to be hit on halloween than any other time of the year. it makes it tough for them to see them, sometimes walking in the dark, and the adults on the road have a few drinks, it is a dangerous situation. and they remind you to have a designated driver before heading out to an event with alcohol being served. children in new jersey at one school will not be participating in the halloween has given it is. this school in maplewood is canceling the halloween festivities. they say last year that 20% opted out for religious or cultural reasons, and the school sent a letter to the parents saying they decided not to hold in school halloween activities. the spokesperson said that the parents that support the
7:47 am
decision said that some parents felt excluded in the past.>> they were taking kids out of the room, and they saw their friends getting ready with costumes and candy, and they said they did not feel that that was right.>> other schools have opted to ban the halloween celebrations, washington state, pennsylvania and oregon are included. let's take a look and see since halloween is on saturday it will be extra big.>> and a lot of these adults will be partying into the evening. i have a picture of someone you may know. let's go to our very own, here she is.>> i still had eyebrows, even back then.
7:48 am
i lost teeth, so i'm guessing this is about seven years old. this was my mother's version of a homemade witch costume. she sewed this by hand, and she would not let me wear all black, so we compromised and it was black and white.>> and here is the 49ers costume. and here is my helmet.>> that is a real helmet.>> yes, cedric was number 86 at the time.>> way to go.>> i got candy that year. we have more pictures of our anchors dressed up on halloween as kids, if you want to go to
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our facebook and comment. good morning everyone. we will start with our commute on the east they area. -- east bay area. there is a little bit of slow traffic in lafayette, and at the bay bridge toll plaza it is normal, which means it is crowded. a 15 to 20 minute delay, possibly 25 if you are at the end of the line. this is 880 all the way down to fremont is very slow. we had an accident north down on 85 and it is slow. 280 at 101 is also slow, and the commute in the valley is not doing well. we headed accident north bound to 80 at page meal. approaching 85 it is also slow, and generally it would get better by this time, but it is not as you drive north on
7:50 am
280. sunrise from san rafael looking nice. we do have some breaks in the clouds, and it looks like we are almost done, but there is still a little bit of rain out there. we will take a look at these pathetic rain totals, but we can take whatever we can get. and here is an award winner shot. nice job. woke up from your nap, good job. our system, not much left. but george is a weather nut, and he is in el cerrito and they got nothing. the phone did not ring, and watching paint dry. have a cup of tea.
7:51 am
i understand, i am also very this of pointed. we had a little bit in upper lake, and ukiah had a little bit, but spotty. santa rosa, not a lot. cassa darrow, .01. but a eagle flapping its wings can give them a .01. american canyon, just not much. looking at north beach and in san francisco, not much but maybe just a little bit. and they say no sign of rain, and she said she had her boots ready. there won't be much and it won't be long. and this is off of the coast showing what is left of this this to him, and in the potential of they could get a little bit. rainfall totals, not much.
7:52 am
san jose .01, mountain view .04, fremont hills, .04. ukiah .04. i remember the days when we could get an inch of rain. it was a long time ago. this system just did not do it. when you're in a drought, every system seems to fall apart, and it did not do much. we have another tent on monday and tuesday, maybe. -- another attempt on monday and tuesday, maybe. we have some sunshine as this system exits, and temperatures will cool off a little bit. 60s and 70s with breezes. warmer on halloween, no worries
7:53 am
there, and daylight savings time will end on sunday. it will get colder. and here's a nice shot of the burning sky. paul rogers taking us through. [ music playing ]. your time is 7:53 am. how much would you give to get a taste of your favorite ice cream if the stores near you would not sell it? find out what bluebell is doing, and how much it will cost. i-80 am intrigued with the changes i've seen in my life. -- i am intrigued with the changes i've seen in my life.>> this 97-year-old woman gets a's racial visit to the google campus.
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we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at
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president obama welcome to prince harry who is in the united states to promote an international sporting event in orlando. the competition was first held in london, featuring wounded servicemembers. prince harry will also tour the service center with president obama and joe biden. the santa rosa woman wanted to know more about the high- tech industry, and she lives in a nursing home but dreamed of seeing the future.
7:57 am
one wish was to visit the google mountain view campus. she got her wish with the help of a nonprofit organization, wish of a lifetime. for tour included the virtual reality demonstration, and a chance to create her own google doodle. she grew up without electricity, and she had a lot of questions like, "what does it mean to surf the internet.?">> i am intrigue with the changes i've seen in my life, and it is a learning experience for me today. i started out in a two room schoolhouse in montana.>> her to her also included riding in the driverless car. she says she remembers when google came out and she has been fascinated with technology. silicon valley giants, i passed in the senate,
7:58 am
and some companies are concerned about the cybersecurity information at. -- act. live in san jose and new information on this double shooting that happened at the almaden apartment complex, the second victim is a child and we will have the latest. traffic is busy on the san mateo bridge, and a pretty serious situation on i-80 westbound and we will explain that coming up.
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good morning.
8:01 am
we have breaking news, police in san jose investigating a shooting. back a man shot himself, and the bullet went through the floor and shot a child. police are just beginning to investigate.>> reporter: we are here at the almond in apartments on almond and road and you can see that part of the apartment complex is completely roped off. you can see the police cars in the distance, officers hovering and investigating. the lieutenant will speak with us soon. they are trying to determine whether or not this shooting was intentional or accidental. we know that one victim is a young boy. looking at the video we shot earlier, the officers came to the almaden apartments just before 6 am, and they found two people shot. they say that the neighbor shot himself in the foot, that round went through the floor and hit a nine-year-old boy that is in
8:02 am
bad condition. both of them have been taken to the hospital, and we have been told they are non-life- threatening injuries, but still very serious injuries, and a lot of questions remain. the police are still out here and asking a lot of questions of the neighbors. they want to know what the neighbor was doing with the gun, and was it an accident that he shot himself. the boy could've been sleeping at the time, and we're trying to get the attention of the live tenant, and he is walking over to us right now. we're trying to figure out how this happened, and we know the shot went through the floor, but what was he doing with a rifle? >> at this point, the investigation is still trying to determine the intent, or whether it was accidental.>> reporter: how bad are the
8:03 am
injuries? >> nonfatal, but very serious for the shooter and the child.>> reporter: was the boy sleeping? >> the boy was sleeping in his bed at the time.>> reporter: have you interviewed the neighbor that is in the hospital?>> he is being cooperative, but as far as his statement, we're still working on that and we do not want to make any statements at this point.>> reporter: and no one else was injured?>> just the shooter himself and the child.>> reporter: thank you very much, and that is the lieutenant with the san jose police department and we will keep you updated.>> and it looks like the area is still blocked up and it is still early in the investigation and we will talk to you earlier. a check on the weather now.>> we did see a little bit of rain. when we are getting excited over 100th of an inch, what
8:04 am
does that say?>> it will last very long, and the sun is breaking through the clouds. the best was in mendocino county, and we're almost done, and the system is beginning to move through. the rain has stopped in petaluma and the sun is breaking through. in sausalito we have the weather savvy person that says mother nature should be arrested for attempted rainfall. people are upset and you can't blame them. things are calming down out of the north, and a little bit over petaluma and sonoma, but not much. maybe a little around highway 28, but not much.
8:05 am
there is a little bit on the bay bridge over san francisco, but again, not much. it could be moving toward oakland, and we got a tweet saying it looks like rain over at the ktvu spider. i would be surprised if it was more than just a trace. 50s and low 60s. there is a low band trying to slice through over at the santa cruz, but that is about it. not much left. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. we have some heavy traffic, and starting with the east or freeway. we had an early crashed near the golden gate healed, and the traffic is heavy. the accident was right around here but it is gone and moved to the shoulder. it has done its damage. the traffic is slow and solid
8:06 am
from pinole as you drive through the richmond area. it is clear from these lanes that we will see some slower traffic throughout the east day. 680 will be slow driving from 242 two 224. going to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that the traffic is backed up with a 30 minute delay. south bay has been slow and a bunch of crashes, they were cleared quickly but left their mark. looking at 280 towards the foothills expressway, so traffic due to earlier issues. it is 8:06 am. we were hoping for a wet commute this morning, but it did not happen for most of the bay area. and we had been roaming the bay area, and it looks relatively dry.>> reporter: good morning, and it is very drive. we have not seen one single drop all morning.
8:07 am
we is -- this system we were supposed to get, and folks walking route asking us why we are here, and we tell them we are here for the rain. they look around and wonder where it is. we've seen a few scattered showers, and as you head out to work, you could see a little bit of rain on the roads causing slick conditions, and a good idea to slow down if that is the case. we found one spot in the bay area, rain in the south bay where the roads were just a little bit damp. we have all been talking about the potential strong el nino possibly heading our way, and that means many homeowners are taking care of potentially leaky roofs. the contractors are in high demand, and one local company says that their business is up 100% compared to this time last
8:08 am
year. many people put off his work due to the drought, and the people we are talking to said they are ready for el nino, but not impressed with this latest system.>> what rain? i have not seen a drop. a bit of a drizzle. you get used to it, and we all know that the el nino is supposed to be coming, but was again, i will believe it when i see it.>> reporter: and they welcome any rain, but they tell us the key to overcoming the drought is the snow in the sierras, and they are hoping that the snowmelt will help to fill the reservoirs. and the suggestion is that the bay area -->> we apologize, we lost his report. it is dismal to say the least.
8:09 am
we can hope for this weather to change. the south carolina sheriff's deputy seen on the video roughing up the student is being fired. this shows the deputy knocking over the teenage girl in her desk chair during class. some of her classmates that recorded a confrontation say that the deputy was completely at fault. >> i have never seen anything so nasty. it was to the point where other students turned away and did not know what to do, and they were afraid for their lives.>> the incident began when the girl took her cell phone out and the teacher tried to confiscate it and she would not give it to him. the sheriff's office is expected to hold a news conference in the next hour. three sacramento high school students arrested after the campus rall that injured three campus officials including the principal.
8:10 am
this happened in the florin high school cafeteria, and it was caught on bit -- on video. look at this, the student it to the principal and slammed him to the ground. the principal quickly got back up and continued his efforts to try to break up the fight until the school resource officers stepped in to help out. three students were arrested on charges of battery, and a third student is accused of threatening other students, and the principal and two other officials had minor injuries, and none of the students were. the findings coming from the results of several exams, taken across america. the fourth and eighth grade students in the state scored the same in reading and math as they did in 2013. the scores were up to eight points lower than the nationwide average, and they found a wide performance gap
8:11 am
between african-americans, hispanics and low income students when they are compared to white students. the cybersecurity bill has been approved, and it encourages companies and government to share information about the threat. the companies would get legal protection about antitrust and privacy issues if they volunteered to turn over the information to the department of homeland security. there is concern about privacy in transparency from tech companies including apple and yell. they say this is only slightly difference -- different from the act passed by the house, and if they can reach a compromise it will require president obama's approval. that earthquake in pakistan in afghanistan has killed close to 400 people and the number is rising. there are now concerned about those that survived dying from
8:12 am
exposure. the officials say that tents and blankets are desperately needed, but they say it is difficult to get the supplies to those that need it the most. the relief workers say that children are at the greatest risk. the san ramon valley is still getting earthquakes, at least nine small quakes ends midnight. there been more than 400 quakes in that area in the last two weeks, most of them little ones with a magnitude of 2.0 to 3.0. the people we talked to say they are going about their lives as normal, but the animals are very nervous. the usgs says that all of the shaking is rob oblique just the leading off of tension, and it should continue for several more weeks. a high school in a technically active part of
8:13 am
italy is choosing safety over fashion. the school has banned the students and teachers from wearing high heels, flip-flops and platform shoes. they say the footwear can slow down our trip someone that is trying to evacuate during an earthquake. the students say they oppose the new rule, and they say they need to focus some more serious issues like how to heat the school properly. >> my mom would never let me. the time is 8:13 am, and the speaker of the house makes a plea deal. we will tell you what he has agreed to and why he is in trouble in the first place. and comcast could change the way you use wi-fi at home. looking at your bay commute, and your drive is
8:14 am
slow. we have a little bit of brain, and we will take a look at this. the front is moving through and we will take a look at it.
8:15 am
8:16 am
it is 8:16 am and giving you a look back at the opening
8:17 am
bell on wall street. markets are up this morning. each of the major indexes adding about a half percentage point. both wagon has reported losing nearly $2 billion. bw has lost money for the first time in nearly 10 years. this is due to the emissions scandal, and it is not clear whether the recall and repairs are connected to the scandal, and the slowdown in sales is going to cost them more than they have already budgeted for.>> apple says it has record earnings again, and it will keep record sales, selling 48 million iphones between the end of june and the end of september, up 21st -- up 22% from last year. they are estimating strong sales around the world during the holiday season. consumer demand is slowing down for all smartphone.>> the
8:18 am
company plans to by its rival -- purchased the rival, walmarts buying outright aid -- rite aid, and the name will change to walgreens over time. they may have a hard time getting it approved by the antitrust regulators. twitter has a new tv commercial to attract the young crowd. >> this campaign ad sits through the tweets and then slows down the highlight twitter moments. >> twitter wants to draw in people that are not already on twitter. this comes from its disappointing figures after it
8:19 am
added 4 million new users in the last quarter. facebook is making it easier to contact people on messenger, and now all you need is the name. you can receive a message request from someone that is not your friend, and you can accept it or ignore it.>> before that, it would show up in an inbox that was called "other." and now you can add them as a friend. comcast is considering a plan that would charge the users for the amount of data they use. >> it would cause the customers more money. comcast right now takes in more revenue from video customers from -- than it does from internet customers, but that will not always be true. a small but growing number of customers are dropping cable subscriptions and spending more time to watch the programs
8:20 am
online. t-mobile just added 2.3 million customers in the third quarter, the 10th quarter in a row that it has attracted 1 million new customers.>> revenues were still a half billion dollars less than analysts forecasted. your time now is 8:20 am. we will switch gears to the rain, and while we did not get a lot of rain, that left us with this. >> take a look at these pictures. here are the rainbows. if you not seeing this out your window, maybe.>> there were a few over oakland, and we did see one from alameda, and look at this and. spectacular. i am posting is many of these as i can on face book. i can see your tweets, but i
8:21 am
cannot respond to them and i will get that next. -- fixed. i appreciate all of your information. this system produced a light rain. san jose had a little bit overnight, but really, our system just fell apart. and kristina says that the rain in north beach, she says that she was doing a happy dance and spilled the coffee. this is from another viewer, and this is from the grinning fool, and that is a good one. and this is american canyon, and at least we're getting something out of this. i got a chuckle. not much left of this, a little
8:22 am
bit in lake county or northern napa county, but not much. off and on, petaluma and over to napa, but not much. a lot of this is producing a rainbow, but no rain. also route fairfax and it did go over san francisco, and that is now moving over oakland and heading toward the san mateo bridge. it brought a beautiful rainbow, but that is it. 50s on the temperatures and we will cool off today. we could get a band or two, morning clouds and already sunshine. it will get cooler with a few light showers, and it is a rainbow kind of day. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. speaking of
8:23 am
rainbows, we may have some on the traffic cam.>> we have not seen them in the traffic camera, but we have been able to see them. we had one that was tweeted near alameda. and that was the cool picture that he tweeted. taking a look, this is highway 24, and it is slow, and also at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 25 or 30 minute delay. there's been a lot of traffic in san jose, and there was an accident after highway 80 -- highway 85 and there is traffic jam there. you can see the 101 traffic slowing, and it does not get better until you get to mountain view. the lawyers did not disappoint and they won.
8:24 am
we will show you the new technology that is being used to get the fans into the game against the pelicans. and we will tell you which alan wang candy has the most sugar. -- halloween candy that has the most sugar.
8:25 am
she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle. we thought if we pushed harder.... but pushing harder didn't work.. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. at sylvan, our certified teachers use personalized programs to help motivate students achieve their personal best. the results aren't just in her grades.
8:26 am
her attitude is different. see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today! your time now is 8:26 am. we would talk about a dangerous story, let's say you need some
8:27 am
ice cream. >> the ice cream is from bluebell, and it spent most of the summer sanitizing its plant after listeria outbreak. you can have it delivered directly to your house anywhere in the united states. it will be sent by ups, packaged in a foam cooler on dry ice, costing $129, mostly for shipping.>> and you can also get alcohol delivered online, it will be adding a subscription service to allow customers to get auto refills.>> you can schedule it once a week or once a month. the minibar is servicing 18 major cities including san francisco, new york and chicago. and you can get on demand alcohol deliveries. and we have the national chocolate
8:28 am
day.>> godiva has a chocolate reward club and you can get a piece of chocolate every month. they are offering 50% off on any online purchase of $65 or more. and lindt is offering a similar program on its website. cooking light is looking at its fun size candy to look at the sugar. >> topping the list is sugar babies, 15 g of sugar, followed by blow pops and candy corn, skittles, and they have between 11 and 12 g of sugar in those little fun size candies.>> and rollo, and taffy.
8:29 am
keep this in mind, for your halloween. candidates are getting ready for the third debate, and donald trump is not leading the polls, and that more on that -- more on that coming up next. and the president of ireland here to give tribute to those that died on the collapsed about can he.
8:30 am
8:31 am
beautiful skies, and a little bit of george michael. good morning and thank you for
8:32 am
waking up with us.>> wake me up before you go-go. coming up on 8:32 am on this wednesday morning. we will check in with our weather and traffic. we hope of rain but most of us did not get it.>> at least we did get a few rainbows. thank you for sending in those pictures. that is the end of this front. mostly cloudy and partly sunny this afternoon and cooler on the tents -- temperatures today. of the lake county, a little bit, and .01 through .04 covered it. this system died on the vine. when you're in a drought, it takes the system with a lot of power two of get that rain.
8:33 am
-- to get that rain. remember we said this would not do much. the rainbow pictures have been spectacular. very nice. this system is almost through, but a few scattered showers around. maybe up toward santa rosa, windsor. a little bit around the american canyon, but it looks like more rainbows than rain. and san rafael, and any rain, it is very light. again, more for show. 50s on the temperature and cooling, but a few 60s. we're getting our last little bit as it moves through.
8:34 am
this cooler breeze will pick up later, 60s and 70s on your temperatures. we will have an update on halloween next week coming up in 10 minutes. still heavy drive to work. a few action is to blame, and things will be pretty busy. looking at northbound 101 as we approach the bay bridge. a lot of slow traffic, but we don't see anything major blocking the lanes. we have traffic act up heading up north. looking at your commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up through the macarthur maze, and the metering lights are on. and northbound tweeting that it is slow traffic, slower than normal. but now there is usually relief, but not a good commute option, and i would say that 85
8:35 am
is better, or even 101. it is 8:34 am. the republican candidates face-off on the third debate in a new front runner is emerging.>> let's talk about the debate tonight.>> reporter: for the first time, donald trump will enter the dop debate without the title of right runner. -- front runner. ben carson is leading 26% to 22% nationally. 10 candidates in the race will take the stage again for this third debate tonight in boulder, colorado, and they say the candidates will be looking for ways to stand out in the crowd. >> they are all looking for a moment, a kind of moment that we in the media will play again and again. >> they will focus on domestic
8:36 am
issues such as jobs, taxes and the economy. this could be a make or break for those whose campaigns are struggling. and jeb bush is pulling only at 7%. -- polling only at 7%. tonight's debate will be limited to two hours, beginning at five pen our time -- 5 pm our time. the former house speaker, dennis hastert, pleaded guilty to violating banking laws by trying to pay hush money. sources say that he planned to pay 3.5 me and dollars to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct with the student. he is scheduled to be sentenced on february 29, and the plea deal recommends six months of prison. a man is arrested in connection with that deadly
8:37 am
shooting and livermore and a deadly shooting in sacramento. john barnes was arrested yesterday by the sacramento police in alameda county. they are still searching for 18- year-old jason brown in connection with those killings. and livermore they are accused of firing into a car in the cbs parking lot last saturday. they killed the driver and the passenger was seriously wounded. brown is wanted in connection with a deadly shooting in fresno last month. the family is playing tahoe that a fishman will be found alive and another family is grieving the death of their loved one. three men were on board of a 20 foot boat when a wave came out of nowhere and flipped the boat over. one man managed to swim ashore was found on the rocks, and he started swimming after the boat capsized.>> they had the jackets on and they tried to grab and hold on to the life of
8:38 am
this, but the water was ripping everything out of their hands. they spent the day looking for another man that is from roseville, and his family says that he is a long-distance runner and good swimmer, and they believe he could have survived. another man of roseville was found dead and he leaves behind his wife and eight children. a high school student is accused of giving xanax to students at the pinole valley high school, and five students had to be hospitalized. the student was arrested yesterday and booked a juvenile hall. the sheriff's office is searching for remains where the human skull was found earlier this month. it is being referred to as rattled make curve in lost gaddis -- lost gatto's los
8:39 am
gattos and a hiker found a human skull about 30 feet from the road earlier this month. the sheriff's office did not say what prompted this new search, but they did say that many searchers were volunteers.>> we're asking for due diligence. we wanted to allow the good diver -- cadaver dogs to do more searching.>> the sheriff's office did not reveal what, if anything, that they found yesterday, and they're still trying to identify the school. the san jose restaurant is being linked to an outbreak, shigella outbreak, almost at 200. there are other cases of shigella in santa cruz, and
8:40 am
several other counties. they say this is from the san juan restaurant in downtown san jose, and they plan on testing the employees this week. the restaurant is closed. in oakland today to replace the fencing and rilling that collapsed in came crashing down on the traffic below. 460 feet fell from the 23rd avenue overpass onto interstate 880 on oakland. two people were hurt and one seriously with the fencing hit vehicles. caltrans says this was inspected a few months ago and he was safe at that time. it was inspected again after the collapse on monday.>> the recommendation was to remove the railing from both bridges and to replace it with concrete
8:41 am
barriers. >> caltrans has not said what caused the using to give way, but witnesses say it has been leaning or weeks. a sad event planned in berkeley today.>> the president of ireland will honor the lives of students killed in a balcony collapse a few months ago and they tell us how the students will be remembered. >> a few ceremonies are planned for later today here in berkeley, and we're on kittredge street here in berkeley and you can see behind me the complex where the tragedy took place. this was back in june when six people were killed, seven people injured when this balcony at the gardens apartment complex collapsed. last night the berkeley city council was looking at voting
8:42 am
on the proposed changes in the inspection codes, and this is been pushed back as the council was not able to get to this item last night. the irish president is continuing his goodwill tour and is lecturing about global hunger and poverty at the cow campus. at 2 pm, he will think the responders for the balcony collapse back in june. they will also plant trees at the martin luther king -- martin luther king jr. civic center, and the trees a will plant were selected because they are native to both ireland and california. again, this is on the 2000 block on kittredge in berkeley. he will also make a stop in sacramento before he heads back to ireland on write a. -- friday. your time now is 8:42 am, and there is a approval of the
8:43 am
hike on minimum wage, but not before the meeting was interrupted. the chanting got loud as people chanted, and two women were arrested, and at one point council members left their see. one woman was caught on tape trying to hit a police officer. once the things were calm down, people voiced their opinion. >> please both now on the minimum wage proposal.>> we felt we had to do something, and whatever that was was a good step.>> they want to raise minimum wage to 12 want to raise minimum wage to $12.50 an hour by the year 20 want to raise minimum wage to $12.50 an hour by the year 2020. people texting while driving.>> red buick is using his speakerphone.>> the state police are putting an officer disguised as a homeless man at
8:44 am
an intersection. he has a wireless microphone and a sign saying that he is a police officer looking for cell phone texting violations. when the texting drivers do not notice, the officer calls the uniform officers to come out to hand out tickets. >> we are seeing a lot of crashes, and we think this is the cause of the majority of the rear end crashes, and we want this to stop. >> if you're not paying attention at all times, you are going to have a collision and possibly hurt someone else.>> the ticket will cost you $83. more on the arrest that the auto burglary, and police say this could be tied to other crimes. this booking photo showing 24- year-old sean gibson and they say he was arrested last week in connection with auto
8:45 am
burglaries. during the search they also recovered to stolen handguns. -- two stolen handguns that were used in two of those bird release, and they are trying to -- burglaries, and they are trying to figure out if they were used another crimes. we will show you some highlights of the season opener, and how some viewers got a chance to really get into the game. a recycled water program in east bay. traffic is moving along okay. but the san mateo bridge is not one of those areas and you can see it is slow heading through the peninsula. we have some rain, and we will show you what is in store. plan your brakes, so i think you get the idea. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
8:46 am
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are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at welcome back. it is 8:48 am, and last night with a special night for the warriors fans. after watching them get their championship rings, they saw them win the first game of the season. perry was hot from the start. nothing but net, 24 points in the first quarter and ending the game with 40 points.
8:49 am
they won the season opener over the pelicans, 111-95. there were big cheers in a sellout crowd, as the 2014-15 championship banner was unfurled before the game. they came out to pick up their championship rings, and they have high expectations for the warriors to repeat as champs.>> i think it will be a lot tougher for some we will have to dig a little bit deeper and play a little bit harder.>> we are the champions, and we will go out there and battle. a better look at the warriors championship ring, and i will one. this is the picture of harrison barnes ring. he posted that it felt good to be back in oracle.
8:50 am
the warriors have added to the reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology. last night was the first live ropes or's game shown in virtual reality. the fda and turner broadcasting partnered. the nba says that it first experimented with virtual reality during the warriors game against the denver nuggets at oracle during the 2013-14 season. your time is 8:50 am. is the san mateo bridge still a problem? >> all of the bridges are kind of a problem. taking a look at the big problem, northbound to 80 off of hwy 85 and beyond. a motorcycle and dump truck accident, and traffic is not
8:51 am
recovered. if you're driving into the west valley, 85 and 101 are improving, but not to 80. -- 280. traffic backed up all the way back to the maze with a 25 or 30 minute delay. san francisco is slow from northbound 101 from northbound 1012 280 -- 101 to 280. we have seen a lot of rainbows, and thank you for the pictures. for most locations this is moving on, and we will take a tour on the radar and see what is going on. mostly cloudy morning. i washed my car yesterday, but still no rain. that usually does it. and we have one fan that says
8:52 am
very little and petaluma. they represent very well today. we give them a shout out. that is seven people clapping over here. we will start in clearlake and then not much. and here's the best system i could find between windsor and santa rosa. there is some rain, but a lot more rainbow pictures. and it looks over towards rodeo, it did get a little bit of light rain. interstate 80, and maybe a drop or two over el cerrito. again, lasted about one minute. just a trace. it looks like it when in
8:53 am
between hayward and union city, and i doubt they got much. by this afternoon it will be sunshine and breezy. a little below average for the temperatures, and a few scattered showers left. late morning sun, cooler to the north and that is the best opportunity for rain, and that will last much longer. 60s and 70s. maybe we will have another system on monday and tuesday. we will get a colder system coming in late sunday and monday, and maybe we can see some rain. remember dissector clocks back. -- sets your clocks back. your time now is 8:53 am. soon you will have fewer options to pick up the recycled
8:54 am
water. in pleasanton, the sewer plant will stay open, but the smaller station in dublin will be shutting down. they say the district demand is dropping as the temperatures drop. the water station is unusual because it offers free recycled water to everybody, no matter where you live. your time now is 8:54 am. khloe kardashian talks about her estranged relationship with lamar odom, and what she says about withdrawing her decision for a divorce.
8:55 am
8:56 am
your time now is 8:56 am. allie berry and martinez say they are done. -- haley berry and martinez say they are divorcing.
8:57 am
the pregnant bride and groom got married three years after meeting, and the third marriage for berry in the first marriage for martinez. stones in garfield had -- stone and garfield have split. garfield and stone met on the set of the amazing spiderman in 2011. it looks like khloe kardashian and lamar odom are not back together despite the fact that she rescinded her filing for divorce. she says that that it is not in their brains of thinking about them as a couple or having a relation ship. as you know, lamar odom was found unconscious on october 13 in a nevada brothel, and since then khloe kardashian has been by his side and making medical
8:58 am
conditions -- medical decisions on his condition for him. and the warriors when the home opener last night. we welcome the warriors president to the studio with us.
8:59 am
she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle. we thought if we pushed harder.... but pushing harder didn't work.. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. at sylvan, our certified teachers use personalized programs to help motivate students achieve their personal best. the results aren't just in her grades. her attitude is different. see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today!
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the republican candidates take the stage for the third time tonight. the polls have shifted. the warriors win, and we will talk about the push for a new arena in san francisco. the maverick window opens on sunday, and we're live with a man that won the contest in 2010 just minutes after nearly drowning. welcome to


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